Discover the best cultural routes in Toledo

History, literature, crafts… a varied cultural offer that through the routes that we propose will allow you to enjoy the whole province.

Visigoth Route

The province of Toledo has an important cultural legacy from the Visigothic period that allows us to discover the importance of Toledo as the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom. On this route, the visitor will be able to discover how these villages…

Ruta Visigoda de Toledo
El Toboso de Toledo

Route through La Mancha Toledana

This itinerary starts and ends in the same region, a delimitation that encompasses a characteristic, practically flat territory that is dotted with numerous lagoon complexes unique in the province of Toledo where migratory birds find a place of rest and peace in their migratory transit…

Route Between Castles and Mills

This itinerary takes the visitor to discover a rich cultural heritage dotted with castles and mills that form part of the historical legacy of the province of Toledo. The traveller will enjoy exceptional medieval fortresses, surrounded by landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

Olivos de Toledo
Panorámica ciudad de Toledo

Route of the Lazarillo

A literary route that follows the itinerary that Lazarillo travelled on his return from Salamanca, as recorded in the book that narrates his adventures and misadventures. This proposal allows the traveller to delve into our literature and recreate the experiences of Lazarillo accompanying the blind man on his way.

Route of Churches, Hermitages and Monumental Squares

This itinerary will take the traveller to explore an area of the province of Toledo that stands out for its concentration of large squares, monumental parish churches and hermitages that are outstanding and unique in this territory…

Ruta de Iglesias, Ermitas y Plazas de Toledo
Museo de la Celestina Toledo

Route of Fernando de Rojas

This route is a tribute to the figure of the writer Fernando de Rojas, travelling through the places in the province of Toledo that form part of his life and literary works.

Route of the Craft Trades

This proposal takes us into the origins of craftsmanship, handicrafts, which have been passed down from father to son, and which are today a cultural and popular legacy that reflects the history, experiences and traditions of the villages in the province of Toledo.

Cueva Alfarería Toledo
Interior Museo Ruiz de Luna Talavera de la Reina

Ceramics and Embroidery Route

This proposal takes us into the origins of craftsmanship, it is a journey back in time to the darkness of prehistoric caves, where manual work with stones and bones turned these materials into instruments of daily use that gradually went beyond the border of the profitable to enter the world of handicraft and artistic creation.

Route through the Alta Sagra

This proposal takes us to a region of an enormous seriousness and landscape sobriety but that historically has been the granary of the province of Toledo. During the reconquest, this region was a frontier zone and this is reflected in part of its historical heritage.

Mosaico de Corranque Toledo
San Pablo de los Montes Toledo

Route Entre Montes

This route runs entirely through Los Montes de Toledo, where visitors can discover a natural environment of great scenic value, with places of special ecological and natural value that will delight nature lovers. The Montes de Toledo is a region where the natural, cultural and historical, located in the heart of Spain, come together.

Route through the Sierra de San Vicente

This route runs through an environment that stands out for its natural wealth, and among it, for its numerous streams. The Sierra de San Vicente is located in the north-western part of the province of Toledo, bordering the provinces of Ávila and Madrid to the north.

Sierra de San Vicente​​ Toledo