El Membrillo

Church of San Sebastián


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A hamlet that has belonged to the municipality of Las Herencias since the 16th century, it emerged as a small farmstead until it became the present-day nucleus. Its territory was populated by Celtiberians, of whom two sculptures of boars have been preserved. Subsequently, it was inhabited by Roman peoples, as evidenced by the finds found in the Cerro del Castillo, near the Tagus. Its cultural heritage also includes its church, which was one of the oldest in La Jara, and its baptismal font, according to experts, can be dated back to the 12th century.

This small town is surrounded by a beautiful, fairly flat landscape where we can find holm oaks and rockroses, along with several streams that flow through the land and some not very high mountains such as El Carrasco or Cerro Molina.

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Church of San Sebastián (16th c.)

Church of San Sebastián (16th c.)