San Miguel Arcángel Church

Information about Montearagón:

Telephone: 925 865 032

The municipality is situated on a hillside, surrounded by small hills, in the valley of the Tagus on its eastern bank. Its lands are criss-crossed by this great river, which provides it with a large amount of water, ideal for its cultivated fields and for Toledo's market gardens, as the land is very fertile. This territory is crossed by hiking routes, such as the Tagus Nature Trail, which allows visitors to enjoy the typical riverside flora and fauna and observe its beautiful landscapes from the bird observatory located at the jetty of the Tagus River as it passes through this town, a very interesting attraction for those curious about ornithology, fishing complements the tourist and sporting activities. This village is known for its spectacular stork's nest, the largest in Castilla-La Mancha within an urban nucleus, which allows visitors to observe this type of bird so characteristic of our villages.

Inhabited in Roman times since the 1st century B.C., as the archaeological remains found in the area show, over time it became a passage for traders and peasants. Although the date of foundation of the current nucleus is unknown, according to researchers it could have been founded by Alfonso the Battler, King of Aragon in the 12th century. It was a place of passage and crossing of the river Tagus to the other bank, as can be seen from the remains of the old boatman's house and the boat bridge that existed in this locality, in the well-known area of "Pico de la Isla", a trade that has now disappeared.

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Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel

A church of popular brick and masonry construction with a belfry for the bells, which also houses the largest stork's nest in Castilla-La Mancha.