24 de June de 2024
5 de July de 2024

In the Visigothic Church of Santa María de Melque, in San Martin de Montalbán, the “The Veladas de Melque“, which seeks to unite heritage and music in a privileged area of the province, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, which receives more than 20,000 visitors a year.20,000 visitors a year.

They began on Saturday 22 June, when musical performances will take place, with free admission until full capacity is reached, with all the folklore concerts starting at 22.00 hours.

This cultural proposal helps to revitalise the environment and the villages of the Montes de Toledo region, as many people attend these evenings, leaving a significant economic impact on the nearby municipalities.

On 29 June it’s the turn of the Grupo Folk Semillas del Arte. It is a dance group that brings together people who are dedicated to the noble task of proudly spreading their identity and roots.

The first weekend of July is reserved for the Villa de Madrid Folk Group., founded in 1983. He has a great track record both nationally and internationally.

Finally, they will end on Sunday, 14 July, with the performance of the Agrupación Folklórica de Panamá, born in October 2008 and composed of dancers and musicians from Panama dedicated to the preservation, promotion and export of their culture.

More information: https://www.diputoledo.es/noticias_ampliada/4835

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